Pinnacle Investment Management, Inc. is a comprehensive investment management and financial planning firm committed to the financial future of our clients.

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Our Advantages


Pinnacle Investment Management
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Provide Fiduciary Advice
Beginning with its founding in 1991, Pinnacle has committed to act as a fiduciary by placing clients’ interest before its own. That has not been a universal standard and often mid-size and smaller employers did not receive fiduciary advice and have 401K plans with high costs and fees. We applaud the recent Department of Labor ruling which requires that, beginning in April 2017, all financial advisors must act as a fiduciary in providing advice to retirement plans.

Low and transparent fees
Pinnacle is committed to disclosing fees to both the employer and employee and making them transparent. While this may seem to be a common sense approach, it is not always the case. Too often mutual funds pay various service providers, such as Third Party Administrators, Record Keepers, and Financial Advisors from the mutual fund expenses. While technically much of this information is disclosed in the Form 408 (b)2, the numbers contained in that form are often extremely confusing to the untrained eye. As a result, many 401K plans are overly expensive and complicated and result in high fees to both employers and employees. Pinnacle is an antidote to high and hidden fees.

Review and analyze existing plans, including cost analysis and investment options
Pinnacle will be happy to review your existing 401K plan and outline the fees the employer and employee are paying to help shed light on the costs you are incurring in your existing plan. We will also review the investment merits, fees, and diversification of your current investment options.

Provide advice on the selection of low cost and diversified funds
The plans we recommend have a wide range of low cost funds available from excellent fund families such as Vanguard and Fidelity. We can either offer advice to enable employers to choose what funds to include in their plan or select those funds for them.

Oversee and consult on the design of your 401K plan including which options should be included

Initial and Ongoing Employee Education

Turnkey set up including:
- Coordinating the creation of necessary Plan documents
- Establishing Employee Accounts
- Participant Enrollment Material and Enrollment Meeting
-Website and payroll upload training
-Transferring existing accounts

Coordinating Record Keeping and Third party Administration, including testing, compliance and Form 5500


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